Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fine Guide to Enjoying Fall: Eat S'mores

Step 1: Build Fire

 Step Two: Assemble kids

Step 3: Roast (burn) Marshmallows
Step 4: Make S'mores

 Step 5: Let sugar high commence

Step 6: Put the kids to bed and sit by the fire some more!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

We love Busch Gardens!

 I never thought I'd love to go to Busch Gardens and not do a single roller coaster.  I guess a lot of things change when you have babies, huh?  Busch Gardens has this wonderful thing called a Preschool Pass, which lets Virginia Residents 3-5 in free until October 28th.  They also have TONS of rides geared towards kids.  We have been 3 times this summer and now the test is to find a few more weekends before the end of October so we can go again.  The girls have SO MUCH FUN, are so well behaved and so worn out after just a few hours.  Here is some of the fun we've had...